Winter Travels

The end of fall semester hit me like a ton of bricks, and I’m sad to say that I fell behind on my blog!  I’m hoping that as the spring comes I’ll find more time to travel…I already have a list going of all the places I want to make it to before May 🙂

Over winter break I finally made it out to New York to see one of my dear friends from my study abroad program, and it was a trip that was long overdue.  I’ve been to NYC before, but never during the winter months and ohmygosh was it COLD – and windy to boot!  I can’t complain too much though because it was beautifully sunny with clear blue skies, and we had plenty of hot chocolate to keep us warm.  Shim showed me all around her stomping grounds, including the obligatory visits to Time Square, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and (of course) a five-story Forever 21.  The day went by far too quickly, but I hope to be back in the near future for a reunion with Shim and my dear roomie Alexandria!

The other place I got a chance to visit over this break was the Crane Estate, or the Great House on Castle Hill in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  My friend and I took a day trip from her house out near Newburyport, and we were able to spend the entire afternoon exploring this absolutely gorgeous estate, which is protected by the Trustees of Reservations.  The castle sits on 2,100 acres of land that overlook Crane Beach, and used to be the summer home of the wealthy Crane family.  The original building was inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, but was replaced in 1928 with a more modern, Stuart-style mansion.  Tours of the house are only available from May through October, but lucky for us the grounds of the castle are open year-round.  We saw old gardens, beautiful statues, and wandered over a huge grassy hill for a gorgeous view of the ocean.  The sky was that perfect kind of grey-blue that you tend to get along the water, and despite the cold I could have stood there for hours.  I’d love to go back when the weather is a little warmer, and would love even more to see inside the castle!  I definitely recommend this area to anyone who finds themselves in Massachusetts, it was a really unexpected jewel.

Next month I should be visiting Tampa, and the month afterwards I hope to make it out to California to see a friend who just moved to San Francisco – spring seriously cannot come soon enough!


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